Happy Thursday 🙂

We never got that big, beautiful, flake-y snow I was hoping for, but we did get lots of ice! And I took lots of ice sledding pictures…


That face! When I look at these pictures unaccompanied by her SOUND, her cute-ness increases by a billion percent.



Patiently (or not-so-patiently) waiting for dad to get ready for sledding.





With the door opening and closing so much, CJ was quite chilly. So we bundled him up too:



Ending a blustery ice day with some quality sibling time in the tee-pee…



Poor baby was a little sick last week. I think it may have been Fifths. He didn’t really have any major symptoms aside from that pitiful red cheek and a little extra crankiness. But that red cheek was persistent and stuck around allllll week.



And you guys…. we’re getting so close to crawling! (PS- that red cheek. So sad!)



What I’m Loving

These boots are THEEEEE BEST.  They fit forever, and they don’t come off little, pudgy feet. And they’re easy to get on, which is such a big deal. We loved the pink pair we had for Emma, and they were one of my first baby purchases for CJ.



There’s this app called Offline, and I love, love, LOVE it. It helps you discover all sorts of cool things going on in your town. And seriously, I would have never ever known about most of the events that are listed in the app. It’s so much fun! We’re getting out more and doing things that go beyond dinner and Target (our go-to family activity). I can’t recommend it enough!



Signing off for this week! ????