Holy Smokes. We made it through Christmas and New Years!

Honestly, I didn’t think I was going to survive Christmas break. Somehow, my daughter was bored outside of her mind (despite all the aunts, uncles, family activities, and every toy on the planet that she wanted for Christmas). And the baby was sick and not getting nearly enough sleep, since we were in party mode and all. I was so jealous of my brother and his baby that seems to be able to fall asleep anywhere.

In a nutshell… pretty typical holidays, amiright??

The truth is, I have no excuse to come off so whiney. We really had a wonderful Christmas and New Years, and I loved the magical moments I got to share with my family.

I have LOTS of pictures to share with you guys today! I tried to pare it down, but seriously. I took a million photos over Christmas. I was completely obnoxious.

Let’s start with Christmas Sunday:




Those kiddos are too stinkin’ cute, aren’t they?

Of course, what you can’t hear through the picture is (read in your whiniest voice): stoppppppppp touching my book CJ! This book is just for big kids. NOT BABIES.

That’s what I love about photos. There’s no sound ????.


And here’s a peek at our Christmas Eve. We spent the morning with my mom’s side of the family:






I didn’t take any other pictures for the rest of the day– and I already can’t remember what we did!! This is why I HAVE to take a million pictures. My memory is just kaput.

Moving on to Christmas morning. Right before the mayhem starts, when the Santa magic is fresh, is always my favorite time. And how ’bout that apartment-style fireplace?? Sweeeeeeeet.





My parents and a few of the Aunts and Uncles came over to our place first thing to see Emma and CJ open their stockings and Santa gifts. CJ was surprisingly gratifying to watch with his gifts. I wasn’t expecting much of a reaction since he’s just a baby. But I think he had about as much fun as his big sister playing with all his presents!

And if you’re wondering… that scooter (that she just had to have) is already collecting dust. But no worries– we got a killer Black Friday deal on it. And that $18 purchase was worth her Christmas morning smile ☺️.

Next up: we spent the rest of the day at my parents opening gifts. Literally. We were opening gifts until something like 6pm.

But that’s a story for another day. Suffice it to say… we open presents very slowly in my family. It drives the in-laws nuts ????.





We were all pretty pooped out by New Years, but we still managed to scrape up a pretty respectable family party. We played a bunch of Minute to Win It games (I got my game ideas here), got a little too competitive, ordered Chinese food and pizza, made our traditional NYE Cinnamon Rolls and s’mores, and played exactly one round of Uno before watching the ball (and our Raleigh Acorn) drop.


My husband was a total champ and rigged up a balloon drop for our fake midnight at 10:15.

I adore that man. ❤️






Whew. I’m almost as exhausted looking back through the pictures as I was actually living it! But I think being sleep deprived it probably a sign of a great time (or of having a baby…), and I am so grateful for these fun, wonderful, lovely people I get to call my family.


Which reminds me…

What I’m Loving

This week, I’ll dispense with the endorsement of my favorite products and foods and put MY FAMILY right here in the the love section of this post 🙂

We made an attempt at family photos while everyone was in town. Once your crowd gets to be this big, there’s only so much you can do to get a really GREAT picture, you know? But even so, there were a few that I really liked. These…







I love my people ????.

And I also kind of love that the holidays are over.

Now I’m off to hibernate for the rest of winter!

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