Another week down…

W-2s are pouring in, and I’m getting all ???????????????? about taxes. The other night Chris and I were reminiscing about the time when we used to get a refund every year. Back when it was devastating not to get a couple grand back. Now it’s devastating if we owe more than a couple grand! My, how the times have changed.

Don’t get me wrong– I always feel so blessed to own my own business (and that, of all things, I get to make dessert at home for my business!), but when tax season rolls around, I just get a little skeerd….

But let’s not think about taxes right now! How about teething? That’s a happier thought, right?

If there was one word to describe this week, it is most definitely TEETHING.


This is how we solve teething pain in our house– just hand the kid a tube of Orajel! ????

Kidding. I would never do that… ????. But really, he has been doing some super serious teething over the past week. He’s been working on the top 4, all at once! Since last Tuesday he’s cut two of them. And I can see the other two right there at the surface, just not quite broken through yet.

We are just dying. It’s been the full nine yards with these top teeth– he’s running a low temp (I know that’s supposed to be an old wive’s tale, but it’s been the case with both of my kids), won’t sleep at all, grumpy, drool-y-, more grumpy, and did I mention he won’t sleep?

Pray for me, y’all.


In other news, Emma’s school did their 100th day of school thing. They had to dress up as old people.

This was the best I could do ????.

I tried to make her hair white and draw wrinkles on her face– but she wouldn’t have anything to do with it.  I even tried for some tacky blue eye shadow, but the only shade I had turned out to be more of a smoky eye. So… she was the trendiest 100 year old ever with her smoky eyes, top knot, and bright red lipstick.



One day I was crrrraaaaaaazy busy with work stuff, and I told Emma I needed her to babysit CJ for me in the living room while I finished up for the day. (Don’t worry, I checked frequently to make sure he was OK, I’m not that negligent). Anyway, by the time I finished, the living room looked like this. With CJ smack dab in the middle of all of it, looking like the cat that swallowed the canary!


Emma loves it (NOT) when she gets to help me photograph for work stuff. We spend the whole time doing battle. She wants to pose like this ☝. And I want her to pose like this ????:


It takes longer than you would think to get her to be still in that position!

What I’m Loving

I posted my family’s favorite (slightly unconventional) chili recipe last week for a sponsored opportunity with Ragu. I was expecting some negative response, because it’s not a chili in the traditional sense. I’m pretty familiar with the online general public and was sure I’d have a few people who needed to let me know that my chili wasn’t “quite right.”

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 3.33.21 PM

What I wasn’t expecting was for my family to get sucked into the hoop-lah on Facebook! ????

I guess I should have known better though. My family is fiercely loyal to our weird chili recipe. (It’s actually amazing. You should try it! And, yes, we know, it’s sugary tomato sauce. We’re OKAY with that.)

Anyway. I love my family. And our non-veggie, non-bean chili ????.



I’ve been taking a bunch of fitness classes at the gym, and I REALLY love the barbell class! It makes me feel so athletic 🙂 I’d love to get to the point that I could do my own barbell workout at home when I can’t make it in to the gym. I tried to do that last week– I ran through all the exercises I could remember… in about 7 minutes ????. So I turned on a YouTube Total Strength Workout video for the rest of the time.

Here’s the one I watched, if you’re interested. I really liked it!


If you know me, you know I have a thing for diaper bags! I’m kind of dying over this one from PPB and saving my spending money to buy it soon (Dave Ramsey would be so proud!). ????


That’s it from me! Hopefully be next week we’ll have two more teeth and I can tell you about alllllllll the sleep I’ll be getting ????.

Seriously. I need prayers. ????

Have a great weekend!

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