Happy Snow Day!!

Actually, I don't really mean that. I think snow days are instruments of torture where Kindergartners are concerned. But I'm sure there are some of you out there who are loving this weather, so, you know… good for you.

I haven't taken any snow pictures yet, since we only have ice/rain/slush here in North Carolina so far. I'm hoping for some big fluffy flakes before the day ends so Emma can get outside and play in it! Because, otherwise, this snow day is just a Disney Junior marathon. And I can only listen to “Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog!!” so many times. (PS- omg, is that show on continual REPEAT when kids are home from school?? How does it know??)


On to happier things (that don't make me feel like I need a straight-jacket… hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog…)


Emma came up to me this week and was like, “MOM!! I HAVE A LOOSE TOOTH!”

And, assuming it was the millionth false alarm, I was like, “oh, uh huh, that's nice hon.”

clickity clickity click on the keyboard. momentary glance up.

LOOK OF PURE HORROR AND DISGUST as I see my daughters tooth sticking straight out at a 90º angle.

gag reflex ensues.

Tell me I am not the only one who is SO grossed out by loose teeth! I mean, just ewwwwwww! Honestly, I was shocked by how squeamish I was. Never in a million years would I have guessed how grossed out seeing a loose tooth in my kid's mouth would make me.


Even grosser: the way she lost it.

Eating. Swallowed it.


gag reflex again.


We did the tooth fairy thing– and you can't see it very well, but I made the dollar really shimmery using eye shadow. I wanted to do the glitter thing (have you see that on Pinterest? So cute!), but I couldn't find my glitter ANYWHERE. So I had to settle for Maybelline Tattoo Eyeshadow.

Funny story… apparently we had not set proper expectations ahead of time. And Emma BURST into our room the next morning sobbing, “the tooth fairy just brought me this ONE dollar!!”

It took all of my super-mommy powers to muster up the patience to calm her down and then talk her into LOVING the shimmery dollar.


DSC_5122 bw

This booger turned 6 months old, which is KILLING me. How can my little sweet pea get so big so fast??

I don't remember his exact stats, but he's in the general ball park of 80th percentile for weight and 90th percentile for height. He still doesn't crawl or roll from tummy to back (HATES tummy time). But he sits up like a champ, rolls from back to tummy, and is starting to get in crawling position from sitting position. And he's starting to pull himself up to standing, which I just think is bizarre.


Honestly, the mom thing has been kind of hard for me the past couple of weeks. Maybe because I've been so desperate for some sleep– it feels like we're not getting much of that around here. Maybe because Emma seems to have reached a new level of sassy, disobedient, and friggin L-O-U-D. Or maybe because I've drastically cut my sugar intake. (It's probably that last one, let's be real.)

But at the end of the day, I sure love these munchkins to the moon and back. I'm so lucky to be their mom ❤.

What I'm Loving

So, in an effort to spend less money at Target, I've started using Amazon's Subscribe & Save, and I love it! As long as you have more than 4 subscriptions in a month, you get 15% off your order. I've got toiletries, cleaning supplies, diapers and wipes, toilet paper, and all my Atkins/specialty low-carb stuff being shipped directly to my house (with free shipping!).

I've been searching the prices of products I want on Walmart.com and Target.com for comparison, and Amazon (with the 15% discount) wins out most of the time! So far, the only two things that have been less expensive in the store are my make-up remover wipes and paper towels. And bottled waters (I was hoping against the odds that those would be cheaper on Amazon– I hate lugging those from the shelf to the cart to the car to the house).

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 1.03.17 PM


Ironically, the avoidance of Target has led to a lot of online shopping… ????. Dave Ramsey is not pleased.

Nonetheless, I discovered two great sites I can share with you! Maybe you're already familiar with these, but they were brand new to me!

I have an OBSESSION with designer handbags, wallets, and diaper bags. It's my kryptonite. But I've discovered that you can usually buy them used for a good price and still in really good condition, so that's how I manage my little problem. This week I discovered Tradesy, a site that sells high-end used “designer fashion.”

Now, the prices are pretty high if you're just browsing. I'm sure they intentionally put the super expensive stuff out front. But you can find some decent deals if you do a specific search. For instance, there are some pretty sweet deals on HOBO International wallets.

I got this one for $35 (I needed to downsize from my Lauren Clutch, because it's taking up too much room in my already-crowded diaper bag):


If you decide to check it out, be sure to use the link in my sidebar ????. They have a pretty decent affiliate program, $10 credit to the referrer (me) and $20 off for anyone (you) who uses the invitation link. Not bad!

I've also been doing some window shopping at Poshmark (I use the app), another sell/buy/trade designer fashion site, and I'll definitely be buying some jeans from there if I can ever get back to my pre-pregnancy weight!!


That's all from me! Have a great week 🙂 ✌❤️❄️