Oreo Fluff

Oreo Fluff is an easy and delicious side dish or dessert!

Orange Fluff is one of my family’s very favorite summertime dishes. We like eating it on the side of our slaw-topped hot dogs and hamburgers with a huge serving of watermelon. Summer mealtime perfection!

Today, I’m dessert-ifying it a little more than it already is by adding Oreos and taking out the oranges. Although, if you are an orange-chocolate fan (which I am generally not), maybe you’d want to leave the oranges in?

Either way, this light and fluffy treat is the perfect thing to eat on a hot summer day surrounded by good friends and grilled food. It’s awesome for a potluck because you can make a large batch with minimal preparation time, and everyone loves it!!

Oreo Fluff is an easy and delicious side dish or dessert!

Happy summer eating everybody!

I usually just make one batch of this for my little family of 3.9 and we eat about a quarter of it as a side dish in a sitting (and my husband wipes out the leftovers the next day). If I'm taking it to a potluck (especially if I think it will be eaten as dessert instead of a side), I usually double the batch.


12 ounces vanilla yogurt (this is 2 Yoplait-sized individual cups)

8 ounces Cool Whip (lite or fat free is ok)

10 ounces miniature marshmallows

5 Oreos, finely crushed + 1 more crushed Oreo for garnish*



Whisk together the yogurt and the Cool Whip in a large bowl.

Mix in the marshmallows and crushed Oreos. Transfer to serving bowl and garnish with remaining Oreo crumbs.

Cover and chill for at least an hour if possible (you can serve this dish right away if you need to, but it's SO much better if the marshmallows have time to absorb the yogurt and Cool Whip and expand a little bit, becoming "fluff").

*you can certainly amp up the amount of Oreos you use if you'd like. I LOVE Oreos, but I've found that I like to use a light hand with the cookies in this recipe to keep things light and fluffy. That's also why I crush them finely instead of using them crumbled into larger pieces.

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