Oregano Substitute: Best Substitutes You May Have on Hand

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When it comes to cooking, sometimes you find yourself in a bit of a pickle. Imagine this: you’re excitably preparing a delicious Mexican dish, your taste buds are already salivating at the thought, and then you realize – you’re out of Mexican oregano. Don’t panic! This is where an oregano substitute comes to the rescue.

From Italian dishes to Mexican cuisine, this versatile herb is a common ingredient that packs a punch with its unique flavor. But what happens when you run out? The good news is, there are plenty of substitutes with similar flavors that will save your dinner. Let’s explore some of the best oregano substitutes for Mexican cuisine.

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Italian oregano is the first oregano substitute on our list. This Mediterranean herb is a popular choice for many Italian recipes. It has a stronger flavor than the common oregano, which makes it a great substitute for Mexican oregano. This aromatic herb can be used in equal parts in place of oregano for the best results.

Marjoram: A Member of the Mint Family with a Sweeter Flavor

Wild marjoram, often just referred to as marjoram, is a good oregano substitute. Being a member of the mint family, it imparts a sweet flavor and a subtle taste to your dishes. It can be used in both fresh form and dried form. If you’re using fresh marjoram, remember that a tablespoon of fresh oregano equates to one teaspoon of dried oregano.

Fresh marjoram sprigs on a chopping board

Thyme: A Perfect Oregano Substitute

Fresh thyme is another good substitute for Mexican oregano. Thyme, which is a key ingredient in French cuisine, has a unique flavor that is similar to oregano but with citrus notes. It can be used in equal parts as an oregano substitute in pasta sauces, salad dressings, and other tomato-based recipes.

Fresh thyme sprigs on a wooden table

Italian Seasoning: A Blend of Herbs for a Unique Flavor Profile

Italian seasoning, a blend of dried herbs commonly used in Italian cuisine, makes a great oregano substitute. This blend usually contains parts of oregano, parts of marjoram, dried basil, dried thyme, and other herbs. Its unique flavor profile makes it an ideal substitute in pizza sauce and other Italian dishes.

Italian seasoning in a small glass jar

Bay Leaf: A Bold Flavor for a Perfect Oregano Substitute

The bay leaf, with its bold flavors and pungent flavor, is another great alternative to oregano. While it is a completely different plant, its unique flavor makes it a good choice for a substitute. Use it sparingly though, as its flavor can overpower the other main ingredients.

Dried bay leaves spread out on a table

Rosemary: A Mediterranean Herb with a Stronger Flavor

Fresh rosemary, a Mediterranean herb known for its strong, peppery flavor, is another good replacement for oregano. Just like oregano, rosemary is also an aromatic herb that is a common ingredient in Mediterranean dishes. So if you have this in your spice cabinet, use it as an oregano substitute for a similar earthy flavor.

Sage: A Versatile Herb with a Unique Mexican Oregano Taste

Fresh sage is a great replacement for oregano in Mexican dishes. Despite being a Mediterranean herb, sage has a flavor profile that is remarkably similar to the unique Mexican oregano taste. So, if you’re out of oregano but have some sage in your kitchen, it will do a perfect job as an oregano substitute.

Fresh sage leaves on a wooden table

In Conclusion: The Best Oregano Substitute for Mexican Cuisine

In conclusion, the best oregano substitutes are those that can mimic the herb’s unique flavor. Whether you’re cooking Mexican cuisine or Italian dishes, these substitutes can save your dish and your dinner. So, next time you find yourself out of oregano, don’t panic. Simply reach for an oregano substitute like Italian oregano, marjoram, thyme, Italian seasoning, bay leaf, rosemary, or sage, and continue cooking with confidence.

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