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It's official.  I no longer own a KicMount Magnetic iPad Mount.

Which is a crying shame, because I absolutely loved that thing. My daughter would constantly use the iPad when it was on the refrigerator– we both loved that she could be near me in the kitchen while I worked or made dinner, but she still enjoy Dinosaur Train or her favorite Fisher Price apps.

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Image courtesy of www.kicmount.com

I used to use it when I was baking. I'd stick it on the side of the refrigerator, next to the Kitchenaid. That way I could see the recipe I was working off of, instead of constant going back and forth between the mixer and my table (where the laptop usually is). I loved that it was out of the way of my flour spills and milk splatters. Genius!

I also loved putting it on the side of the microwave. That's where it's easiest to view while doing the dishes. I've been watching all the My Boys seasons on Netflix, and it sure made washing the dishes a more pleasant task… fun even! I never get to watch TV, and now I could build in some relaxing me-time with a little dish washing!

That's  where I went wrong.

Apparently, the KicMount made dish washing so pleasant a task that my husband has dubbed himself the household dishwasher for the duration of March Madness. Ahem.

You see where I'm going with this?

He stole my TV-watching time!

…and my KicMount.