My Favorite Picmonkey Fonts |

Didact Gothic: I usually use all lower case in this font. I don't know why, but I just lover it all in lower case! It's probably my most used font, because it's so simple and clean. I use it a lot in combination with script font, like I did here. And I always use this font for my watermarks!

Quicksand: I use this a lot in my blog designing. I like it because it's very unassuming and compliments most other fonts. It works really well as a “supporting” font, because it doesn't distract you from the “main” font. I usually use it as the font for the menu, the tagline, or in sidebar gadget titles.

Quentin Caps: This is a really awesome, eye-grabbing, bold font. It's not one that should be over-used, but it's really awesome to use if you want your text to be the focal point of your image. For example, in this photo, I really wanted to highlight the fact that these muffins were PUDDING MUFFINS, and not just any old chocolate muffins. I needed the attention to go to those words, and this font really helped!

Backspacer: I've only started dabbling in using this font. I've always admired it from afar, but wasn't quite sure how to implement it myself. I think the key to using this font is to combine it with another font. By itself, it's a little overwhelming. But if it's just used as an accent, it can really make an image POP! I used it to number different sections of a post here. And then I *really* love how it's used in the words “BACON FAT” in this photo. It really draws the eye to the center of the photo and focuses on the key words in the title.

Sketch Block: I'm guilty of using this a little repetitively. It's one of my favorites. Mostly because it's so easy to work with. It makes for great background words, allowing for a script font to lay nicely on top– like I did here. And the squareness of the font makes it easy to fit into a small space but still look nice, neat, and readable. I LOVE IT.

Tall Dark and Handsome: This is my go-to font when I have a really wordy title that I need to fit on an image. It's really skinny, which allows me to fit more words on one line, but it's still SUPER easy to read because it's bold. Like in this post.  Thanks to this font, you can't even tell that I was having a devil of a time trying to fit the words “chocolate syrup” into one line!

Sacramento: This is my very, very, absolute favorite font. I use it everywhere. It's in my header and all. over. my. photos. Here, here, here, and lots of others! I think it's classy, cute, simple, and easy to read. LOVE IT.

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