It has been AGES since I last post Our Week in Pictures. Almost 3 months to be exact! And I really don't want these posts to fall by the wayside, because these are some of my favorite posts to write. They make me feel a little more humanly connected to all of you ❤️.

I'll try to pick up where I left off, but in all honesty, not much has been going on in our lives. Not much and too much all at the same time! I'm guessing you probably know what I mean.

So. The last time we talked… Emma got bangs, CJ flew to California, we painted our China hutch emerald green, and I was chowing down on protein donuts like my life depended on it. You can revisit all the fun stuff right here.

Since then, Emma has lost about 8 zillion teeth. It's cute and gross all at the same time.

My airbags deployed while I was driving, which was terrifying.

Honda won't pay for repairs and insurance doesn't cover it. So we bought a new van. Which is fine. It's not like we needed all those thousands of dollars to pay for life anyway, right?

Poor Mackenzie has been through 2 rounds of the most horrifyingly disgusting (and I'm sure painful) ear infections. We're pretty sure it's due to a food allergy, but short of doing a panel or an elimination diet, we can't seem to narrow it down. The vet prescribed some maintenance meds that will hopefully keep the ear infections at bay for the foreseeable future until we can figure out the trigger.

Sick pups are almost as sad as sick kids!

Emma's school had a Spirit Week, and you KNOW how much I love spirit week!! But despite my enthusiasm, this is the only photo I can find from the week. It was Wacky Wednesday 🙂

Chris and Emma entered the Science Fair at school. They made a chocolate volcano (that's my kind of science!). Can I just say that Chris is the best dad ever?? Seriously. Science fairs and volcanos are ALL him. Emma knows I don't go near that stuff ????.

Continuing with today's EMMA theme… Emma had her first gymnastics meet! It was so fun to see her display what she's learned.

But I think my favorite part was watching her realize that some of the girls from her school class were attending the same gym she was (they don't have practice on the same days). You know how girls get… screaming, giggling, hugs. Basically, the works.

Spring break was kind of a doozy. The kids were sick and CJ was on a personal mission to destroy the house. But we did have one pretty great beach day:

Easter came and went…


We've spent a lot of time with my family. I love this picture from General Conference weekend. Somehow Emma convinced everyone to play a mega game of Duck, Duck, Goose!


CJ has been my own personal, slobbery tornado. He looks cute at first glance, but don't let that fool you. That child is going to be the death of me! My family laughs at all these cheeser photos I get of him, because they know that 99% of the time he's whining or crying at my side, begging for “snack? snack??”

Still. We love him anyway. ???? And like my mom always says, “the hospital doesn't take them back.” So I guess we'd better keep him!


What I'm Loving

I don't have a picture or link for this, but I have to mention again NORWEX. Those Envirocloths save my butt a million times a day. With the messes CJ can make, I would be losing my mind over every sticky surface in the house if it wasn't for those cloths!

Something else I'm loving:

My new Luke's shirt (from And by extension– GILMORE GIRLS!

You guys. I have NEVER seen Gilmore Girls. Never! I wasn't allowed to watch it when I was a teenager. And then I kind of forgot about it, since the Netflix phenomenon hadn't quite taken the world by storm yet during my college years.

A month or two ago I came across it on Netflix and was desperately seeking something to fill my time on the stationary bike. I am now 5 seasons in and COMPLETELY obsessed.

Also: I'm #teamlogan so hard! What a dreamboat ????.


LOVING: my crocs!

I have really horrible plantar fasciitis in one foot (which is bizarre, who only has it in one?!), and it's getting increasingly difficult to stand for long periods of time. This year, I have finally given up on all of my normal shoes and resorted to wearing Crocs 24/7. And I was so relieved to find that they have some REALLY cute shoes.

I do most of my shoe shopping on Poshmark to keep things affordable. I scored these gold flip flop wedges for a steal, and I wear them almost every day! Thank goodness for cute Crocs, they are seriously my EVERYTHING these days.


Last of all, these Happy Planner rings are the bomb. I've been using them like crazy to organize my life. I love the idea of spiral bound everything, but it's a pain to go get binding done. And then it's so permanent! These rings (and the proper paper punch) give you the flexibility to spiral bind anything you want and still change it up whenever you need. HIGHLY recommend.


Ok, that's it for me! Happy weekend 🙂