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Yep. This is how much I love my sponsors.

I'm posting pictures of myself for the second time in a week. Are you sick of seeing me yet? I know I am.

But I didn't plan very well and ran out of time to find a fabulous model. So I'll have to do in a pinch!

Remember Mews Boutique? They were one of my Birthday Bash sponsors! They gave away this exact necklace (The Oval Link Necklace) I'm wearing in the photo, but in a stunning orange instead of this gorgeous green (I love green, by the way).

Mews seriously has some of the cutest and unique statement pieces I've ever seen. (My mom is laughing somewhere, because I just said the phrase “statement pieces” like I'm some kind of jewelry expert.) And the truth is, I know absolutely nothing about accessorizing. But that's what makes Mews so perfect for me. I know each piece is gorgeous and totally stands out. But I don't feel gaudy or pretentious wearing them– it all totally goes with just about any outfit I put on (ahem…. except for maybe sweatpants days… not that I ever have those).

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(The ring was totally my favorite piece in this set– gorgeous!)

As a small online business owner myself, I'm an enthusiastic supporter of all of my friends embarking on similar entrepreneurial adventures. I visited the Mews website ready to be a cheerleader for a newbie online shop owner who might need a friendly face or two for support. But I arrived only to find that the website is as stunning as its jewelry, and it appears to already be running like a well oiled machine! So hats off to Mews Boutique! I was thoroughly impressed with my entire experience.

Take a second to visit Mews and their social media sites (you don't want to miss a single deal)! And just in time for the holidays…

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And just for Something Swanky readers, be sure to use the code SWANKY20 for a 20% discount off your next order!