I like to eat things.  Especially my words!

I had no desire to learn how to cook from my mom growing up.  I figured a career was more important.  Besides–that’s what take-out was for, right?

I also didn’t plan on getting married young.  I wanted to be completely established before I worried about such antiquated things.

Then, after several years and me telling Claudy we would “never date” I finally came to my senses and saw he was the man of my dreams.  The transformation continued as I was a newlywed and I realized I actually WANTED to cook for my man.  It’s funny how once you have someone to cook for it can actually become enjoyable!

I became wrapped up in my career during the day and bakery wife by night.

I had no desire for spawn.  I thought they were expensive, stinky, loud, sleep-snatchers that I wanted no part of.  I enjoyed my career, independence, the chance to use the bathroom in peace, wear earrings, and sleep in until noon on the weekends.

After several years, a lot of soul-searching, and even some (OK a lot) of crying I finally gave into what my heart was telling me–that it was time to have a baby.


So, you see–I used to have a strong disdain for cooking, marriage, and children.  And now, my life centers on those things and I, surprisingly, couldn’t be happier.  The only thing that’s remained constant is my love for writing.  So, thankfully you’ll be able to read all about my metamorphosis.

That sounds like a nice stopping point, doesn’t it?  But life doesn’t stop!  I thought I was really getting this whole motherhood/wife/mommy thing down, when BAM!  Out of nowhere my son was diagnosed with a rare disease and 20 food allergies.

I thought I had already given in and changed as much as possible.  I had finally gotten comfortable.  So now, we’re learning to love our new life with our new normal.

I’m not one of those blogs that is all sunshine and tutorials for “after the fact”.  I’m bringing you down into my trenches, for the day-to-day, real, tell-it-like-it-is blog.  I share great allergen-friendly recipes, as well as the gluten-filled, dripping with butter recipes for when I cave.  I chronicle the hard days and the beautiful rays of sunshine that peak through the clouds and everything in between.

Come on over, and have a laugh while I’ll inevitably eat some more of my words and eat some yummy food too!


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