Stitch Fix: What is it? And why I love it.

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May Stitch Fix on

Uh, yeah. I did that.

I honest-to-goodness had my husband photograph me, modeling clothes, in our front yard… neighbors out on their porches and all. I ran the entire gamete of humiliation just for this one, non-dessert-related post.

Why? Because I am that in love with Stitch Fix.

I know this isn’t recipe-related. And I’m not pretending to be some fashionista or even considering turning my blog into a platform for discussing clothes or fashion. But I did discover Stitch Fix through my food blogging, and I’d really like to share my love for it with my readers. Especially because Stitch Fix has the best stinkin’ referral program on the planet… but we’ll get to that later (for now, just envision boxes of free, gorgeous designer clothes being delivered right to your door…).

For now, here are a few basics and a little about why I love this company enough to model in my front yard and then post the photos for all of you to see!

What is Stitch Fix?

It’s a designer clothing and accessories subscription box for women. But it’s personalized. And awesome.

A stylist gets to know you through a series of questions (and eventually through trial and error– although I’ve seen very little error– as you order more boxes). They hand pick 5 clothing items that will look best on you and ship them right to your door. You keep what you like and send back what you don’t in a pre-addressed mailer bag that goes right into your mailbox (postage pre-paid of course).  Simple as that!

What does it cost me?

I know. This was my first question too. Here’s a general idea of what you’re looking at per box:

  • $20 Stylist fee that goes towards any clothing purchase you make from the box. In other words, you only pay the stylist fee if you don’t buy anything in the box.
  • 5 items of clothing that (in my experience) cost anywhere from $28 on up per item. Mine average between $28-$48 per item.

WAIT! Don’t freak out yet. I know I probably just lost a bunch of you. I don’t mean to show my inner cheap-skate or anything here, but I can assure you that I’m not really one to pay $48 for an everyday shirt. So how do I make this work?

Here’s my secret: I haven’t paid a dime for any of my clothes after the first box.

Say what?!

I know. Awesome, right? Stitch Fix has this AH-MAZING referral program

You guys! Referral credit!!!!

Stitch Fix gives you $25 of store credit for every customer you send their way. $25! That’s a free shirt!

I made a deal with myself that I would buy anything I wanted in the first box (I bought the whole thing by the way– there’s a pretty sweet discount for buying the whole box too!), and after that I’d only buy what I could afford in referral credits. So far, I’ve paid for 3 entire boxes using referral credits.

And guess what? Those referrals weren’t even from myย  blog readers! Almost all of them have come from friends and family members. They saw my Instagram and Facebook posts about Stitch Fix and clicked on over. Friends ask me where I get my clothes, I send them the link, and wham bam easy peasy.

So what’s the big deal?

This is where I get all awkward and embarrassed and admit to you that I am a 28-year old woman who is seriously unable to dress herself. I like pretty things, and I appreciate great fashion when I see it. But I couldn’t pick out a fashionable outfit for myself if my life depended on it. If it’s on a mannequin in a Target, Old Navy, or Kohls… then sure. Maybe. And that would be about the height of my fashion sense.

And beyond my complete and utter lack of fashion know-how, I have a sort of difficult body to dress. I typically wear a Large or XL in my tops, and I range anywhere from a size 10 to size 14 in dress/pants. If you fall into that size range, you understand that it’s a tricky size to dress!

I’m healthy and curvy, and I like how I look, so I don’t want to hide my body in swaths of too-loose clothing. But at the same time, I find that it’s incredibly difficult to find form-fitting clothing that looks flattering instead of gross. On a typical shopping trip, I find myself at the cross-roads of moo-moo vs. plumbers crack. On a good day, maybe I can even find some jeans that will be too tight around my waist and sag in the butt. #killmenow

But Stitch Fix changed all of that for me. They send me beautiful clothes that fit, flatter, and don’t come from the plus size in the back corner of a department store. I feel like I look modern and chic, but I’m also in clothes that allow me to chase after my four-year old and easily wash out jelly stains.

So what’s in the box?

Wanna see? I didn’t take all of these mortifying pictures for nothin’!

This box is a pretty good representation of others I’ve received. I haven’t been sent any pants yet, but that’s because I expressly asked them not to send me any at first. I’m scared to death they’ll send me a pair I can’t squeeze into! But I finally bit the bullet this week and asked for pants in my next box. And I have every faith that they’ll pull through for me and send me something awesome! I can’t wait to see what they come up with, but for now, here’s what came in my May Stitch Fix:

(And omg, please don’t laugh at me! I can’t believe I’m actually posting these…)

This one took me by surprise. It’s snug around the stomach, a little cropped (which I would have never gone for on my own!), and then loose up top. As I was putting it on, I said to Chris, “there’s no way this is going to be flattering.” I was totally wrong. Although counter intuitive, having it fitted around the waist actually creates a slimming effect!

You’ll have to forgive me here– I’m obviously no model, and I don’t think I’m showing off the features of this dress very well. But all the same, this is definitely one of my favorite items I’ve been sent so far! For religious reasons, I don’t wear clothing that goes above my knees or anything sleeveless. It can be difficult to find a cute, summery dress that fall within those parameters, but the stylist at Stitch Fix totally pulled it off for me! I love this light fabric and its lovely, bright color! Bonus: there are pockets!

This top was my absolute favorite. I’ve worn it 3 times in the past week (don’t worry, twice I was home all day and no one saw me… so that doesn’t count, right?).  Seriously, it is so, so, so comfortable and easy to wear. It’s made of an extremely light, breathable fabric, and the sleeves even button up (I’m officially the worst model ever, I should have shown you the rolled sleeves)! I’m in love with the cute pattern, the soft color, and the way it makes even my ill-fitting jeans look all dressed up.

My stylist said she included this in the box because she knew I loved cardigans. And she is SO right! I do love them. But I’m also a little scared of them. I’ve been cardigan obsessed for about 2 years, and recently I’ve been noticing that every picture of me in a cardigan (over the span of 2 years, yikes!) looks frumpy and unflattering– totally not what I thought I looked like! I was starting to think I’d have to give them up altogether, but this little gem to proved to me that I’ve just been wearing the wrong cut. I feel like this cardigan is so flattering, but very simple at the same time. The fabric is light and airy, perfect for spring. BTW another thing great from Spring? Sugar snap peas ๐Ÿ™‚ Read it here. And I think it’s the most gorgeous color ever!

The necklace I’m wearing in all of these pictures was also an item in my May box. I very nearly sent it back (I thought it was too pricey for a necklace). But it actually worked out that my total would be less if I kept it! The necklace was $28, but I would receive a $55 discount for buying the entire box. If I sent back the necklace,  I’d essentially be paying $17 more.

So yes. I think I’ll keep the gorgeous necklace that also saves me money thankyouverymuch!

This post is NOT sponsored or affiliated with Stitch Fix in any official capacity. However, as mentioned in the post, I do receive a referral credit when you use my link. I’d love for you to use my link for your first box, and then be sure to share YOUR link with all of your friends for a $25 referral credit to Stitch Fix! Let’s all get free clothes together ๐Ÿ™‚

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18 thoughts on “Stitch Fix: What is it? And why I love it.”

  1. Seriously so cute! I need to try this company out. I am so bad at buying clothes and always wish I was more fashionable (and have the hardest time finding clothes that fit everywhere!) I love that blue dress, it is so flattering!

  2. Out of all those items, that open cardigan and the blue dress are the most flattering on you. Open cardis are everywhere, you should definitely add a few more to your wardrobe!

  3. So cute! I’ve wanted to do this for so long but have just lacked the funds to do so- so I love that tip about using the referral program to get “free” clothes! I will definitely be using StichFix in the next year or so as I graduate college- I’ll need a more professional wardrobe then!

  4. I love this whole Fix! Especially the open cardigan, great color! I know how you feel about taking awkward photos! I just did my first review (of my 10th fix!) and am still embarrassed that some of those photos are on the internet. You look great though!

  5. I have a body type very similar to yours and I hate shopping because I feel like I can never find flattering clothes. You look great in all of these outfits and I’m jealous. I wish Stitch Fix would come to Canada!

  6. I love your box! The blue dress is extraordinarily flattering. Your fear is pants, mine is dresses! I have the same cardigan I think from them but in hot pink. I have worn it many many times. : )

  7. I love the blue dress!! did you put a tee or a cami under it or did it come with? I got a wrap dress a while back, and it was quite low, can’t be worn w/o something under it, which is a bummer here in Hotlanta!! Love your stuff!! super cute!!

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