problem-image-summer-13 We all know that losing weight is a challenge. In fact, let’s just all agree right now that calling it a “challenge” is like the grossest understatement of all time. Am I right? For those of you who read my blog regularly, you know that I’ve been making a special effort to document my weight loss attempts this year through a series of posts called Skinny Saturday. While I’ve been up, down, and all around with my weight this year, I have recently learned something super important: the right motivation makes all the difference in losing weight (see my most recent motivation for losing the first 5 lbs!). And what could be better motivation to do something than contributing to ending HUNGER? Weight Watchers is inviting its members to take a BIG step with them toward fighting hunger for children.

By losing weight during Weight Watchers Lose For Good® campaign, Weight Watchers members (you have to be a registered member!) can help the organization donate to their charitable partners. You can learn more about the partners here:


So here’s how it works. You have to be a registered member of Weight Watchers. You can weigh in at meetings, or if you are an Online Subscriber, you can track your weight online. Both ways will count toward the Lose For Good® donation. As you lose weight, Weight Watchers will help fight hunger. I know, I know. Easier said than done. Believe me, I understand! But Weight Watchers is providing members with the tools you need to understand the food you’re putting in your body and how it works toward gaining and losing weight. I’m participating online, and I love that I can calculate Points Plus values for my food using their app on my phone. It makes everything so much easier! And when that part gets hard to do, try to remember what comes next: for all the weight you are losing, Weight Watchers will donate to their charitable partners! YOU can help fight hunger by losing weight and becoming more healthy!!


Important things you need to know:

  • Lose For Good® is going on from 9/17-10/12, 2013
  • You must be a registered member for your weight loss to count toward the Weight Watchers donation, but anyone can help spread the word about this initiative!
  • Learn more about Lose for Good® and register for Weight Watchers membership here.
  • Find fabulous Weight Watchers friendly recipes on the Weight Watchers Facebook Recipe Tab! (I pinned a delicious looking sweet treat from there! Yum!)