Kickmount: a family business.

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Last year, KicMount contacted me about reviewing their Magnetic iPad Case. I’ve been using it day in and day out for several months, and my family just loves it. I use it for baking, Chris uses it for dish-washing entertainment, and Emma uses it to watch the PBS Kids app while I’m working in the kitchen. It’s really become an integral part of our kitchen!

But I’ve already told you that. How about introducing you to the folks behind the iPad cases?

Small business owners, Kenton and Christine, are the husband-wife team behind Kinetic Ideas & Concepts and are the creators of KicMount. It’s family business! I don’t know about you, but that’s something I really like knowing about KicMount. It makes a difference to me knowing that there are real people, real faces, and real lives behind this product.

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And being a small business owner myself, I know all about the TLC and sweat that they personally put into their company. And every interaction I have with the owners of Kicmount reaffirms to me the dedication and effort they are putting forth in order to succeed. I think they are so fabulous.

Which is why I love telling you about KicMount. It seems that it’s so difficult to find business owners you can trust to deliver a good product, a fair price, and who are willing to absolutely stand behind what they sell. But Kenton and Christine do.

And I think that’s worth writing a post about.

For more information and to connect with KicMount:

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