We’re big Jello eaters in my home.
My husband and I both go through 4-5 jello cups a day.
You heard me– PER DAY. Both of us.
And that’s exactly why we eat Jello: because one seriving of sugar free jello has 10 calories. And because it’s super cheap. We figure at 10 calories and .38 cents per box, we can pretty much eat as much as we want.
And we do. Oh, we do.
And what better way to eat as much Jello as we’d like than out of super cute jars that look like Halloween characters?? I’d have to say, there is no better way. This is as good as it gets:
And this is pretty much as easy as it gets– I’m almost embarrassed to post directions, it’s so easy.
Step 1: Follow the quick set jello directions on the box.
Step 2: Pour into jars (I used a measuring cup with a spout to pour).
…and that’s pretty much it! I used an exact-o knife and some black vinyl to freehand the features for the Jack O’ Lanterns and Frankenstein.
I think gauze would be really cute and really easy to wrap around a jar for the mummy, but I just used some scrap fabric that I had and tied it in knots in the back– it worked just fine!
Go and dress your Jello up for Halloween! …and then go eat as much of it as you’d like– totally guilt free!!

**JELLO does not know I exist and did not compensate me in any way for this post…ย 
but I really wish they did.

***Here’s an update to the above comment: turns out they DO know I exist and featured this post on their FB page ๐Ÿ™‚

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