Image URLs: what they are and how to use them in blog design.

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I know you’re all chompin’ at the bit for a tutorial on sidebar gadget titles.
And we’ll get to that, promise.
But I want to cover something a little more basic today:
Image URLs.
Now, I know I’m probably offending all of you in some way–
either by insulting your intelligence with such a basic tutorial…
or by calling this a basic tutorial when you’re really sitting there thinking “image whaa??
But hopefully you can all forgive me for my blog-itical incorrectness, 
and this tutorial will help anyone who needs it!
What is an Image URL?
In non-technical jargon: an image URL is simply the location of your image on the internet.

Why do I need to know about Image URLs?
Having an image URL allows you to host your image in one place (most likely a place where you can store a lot of images– which is convenient) and use it in multiple places by simply copying and pasting the URL into an HTML code. That’s how you’re easily able to insert images throughout your blog design.

How can I find the URL for my Image?
Easiest thing in the world: simply right click on an image, and click on “copy image location.”
 Ta- da!

Hosting Images: how and why? 
You always, always, always want to host the images you use for your blog design in a safe spot. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing those images.

So how do you “host” your images safely? There are a lot of different ways to do it– some people upload their photos into a site like Picasa or Photobucket. That’s one way. 

Me? I like to host them on a separate blog that I created for all of my design stuff. I just like knowing that everything for my blog designing is all in one, accessible spot. I simply create a new post, upload the images i want to use, and then publish. I view the post and right click on my images to copy the URL.

Like so…

When a 3rd Party Site Requires You to Host Your Own Images:
I’m addressing this because I specifically mentioned needing to do this in my last post when you’re using image-maps. Occasionally, you’ll use another site to do something like alter your image or generate some kind of HTML code using the image. Like we did when creating our social media icons.

Most of these sites will give you the option to upload the image right from your computer, but they warn you that they can only host your images for a couple of days, due to bandwidth limitations. The second option they’ll offer is to just go ahead and use your Image URL (THIS IS WHAT YOU SHOULD DO)– that way, you’re hosting the image to begin with, and you won’t have to make some confusing switch later or risk losing your image.

And that’s it! That’s really all there is to Image URLs in DIY blog design! 
Next week: Sidebar Gadget Titles!

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  1. I know I’m late to the game but WHOA! This is great! I’m skimming through your design posts and bookmarking them for later use. I’m SO technologically challenged. Loving these! Thanks!


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