A week or two ago, I told you all about ME! I told you who I think I am, and what sorts of things are important to me. That introspective post was a set-up for today’s post. Since then, I have taken ArchetypeMe‘s quiz to find out exactly which archetypes are mine!





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I defined and labeled myself as being: a rule-follower, overly emotional, and a little manic-obsessive. So let’s see how my self-assessment measured up to ArchetypeMe’s assessment of me:



After taking the quiz, I learned that my 3 archetypes are…

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You know how they say married couples tend to “nit-pick” at each other? After a lot of time together, their little annoying habits can start to feel like BIG annoying habits. I think that may be how we are with ourselves sometimes. Before I took the ArchetypeMe quiz, I defined myself as these little nit-picky annoying habits that I have. But taking the ArchetypeMe quiz helped me to step outside of myself for a minute and say, “Oh yeah, I am all of those things!” And by readjusting my focus from magnifying my annoying little tendencies to looking at a “bigger picture” of ME, I’ve been able to be a better version of myself. Or at least work to be the better version of myself.


Ok, I know that sounds a little hokey. So I’m going to go into a little more of a detailed explanation and talk about two of my archetypes (I’m going to skip over “Creative,” as I feel like my blogging is the obvious outlet I use for my creative nature): Caregiver and Athlete.


Seeing that “Caregiver” was my first archetype was no surprise at all to me. As the oldest child in a family of 6 kids, I feel like being a caregiver was something I picked up early in life. But I’ve always defined it as being “bossy.” Again– I’ve been magnifying those negative qualities about myself that I don’t like very much. But taking a step back and just looking at the word “Caregiver,” reminded me that my “bossy” tendencies aren’t always “BOSSY.” A lot of the times, they’re just an inclination to be involved in peoples’ lives and a desire to show that I care about them and want to help. And that’s a characteristic worth making an effort to develop!


My “Athlete” archetype elicited a chuckle from both me and my husband. Because I’m the slowest person in the world. Because I don’t like to sweat. And because, as a general rule, I avoid all types of “moving” and “sweating” when I can. But the ArchetypeMe quiz doesn’t assess your physical condition. It assesses your desires and goals (past and present). And it managed to resurface (from the deep recesses of my mind) a dream I used to have to be a professional Athlete. I ADORED the WUSA (during its brief, shining moment), and Birgit Prinz was my idol. And I really thought for a year or two, that I might play professional Women’s Soccer. For those of you who knew me as a soccer player, you’re on the ground laughing. I’m sure of it. Because I wasn’t an amazing soccer player. Frankly, I wasn’t even GOOD. But I LOVED it.


And that’s what this ArchetypeMe assessment is all about– discovering passions you didn’t know you had or, like me, rediscovering old ones. I’m, of course, not saying that I plan on going out for the US Women’s Soccer team now that I know one of my archetypes is “Athlete.” I’m not trying to suggest this quiz CHANGES you. But I may put a little more effort into my workouts and runs, remembering that improving my body is something that I used to enjoy doing and it’s important to me now.


Beyond self-discovery, ArchetypeMe provides tailored content from the web just for YOUR archetype! Find the stuff you want to know more about (even if you didn’t already know you wanted to know more about it) and enjoy connecting with other people who share your unique personality traits in the ArchetypeMe community. If you haven’t yet, take the quiz yourself at www.ArchetypeMe.com!


  • Which archetypes are you? Answer this question in a comment below for a chance to win a $50 Visa gift card! You can find a list of the archetypes on the ArchetypeMe homepage.



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