How to Use a Food Scale: A Helpful Guide

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The weight-loss journey is often long and difficult, but with a food scale to measure your portions, you’ll be able to get on the right track. If you want to push on a healthy lifestyle coupled with body goals, a few factors must be first be considered. It’s nearly impossible to precisely measure our consumption as we often overestimate the right serving size. You need to know how to use a food scale.

Thankfully, we can estimate our food intake through food scaling. So how to use a food scale? Take a look at this blog to find out about food scaling. And explore some of the best food scales (also known as “kitchen scales”), too.

You can track your caloric intake with a food scale to know exactly how many calories are in each meal. Tracking will help you reach weight loss goals and maintain healthy eating habits. But remember, however, that calories and nutrients are usually based on weight and not on an actual food scale.

Although you can measure your food with traditional tools (cups, teaspoons, and so on), it’s easy to make mistakes when measuring with cups and spoons. There are also variations in food size, which can lead you astray, so it is best to use a kitchen scale when you want to watch out for your diet.

Should You Weigh Your Food?

The great thing about weighing your food is that it will help you lose weight. The problem with this process, though, is the time commitment involved. But what are the reasons why scaling your food is essential?

First is scaling your food teaches you the right portion of your food. You’ll better understand the calories you consume and the calories you should take. A food scale will tell you the accurate measures of your food and practice the proper ways too!

The second reason you should scale your food is that it helps you live a healthy eating style. By sticking to an everyday eating routine, your body also practices accustoming the particular food amount you take. Shortly after, you’ll learn to live healthier without sweat!

Using food scales is usually not for long-term uses because you will undoubtedly adopt a portion control soon enough that you will no longer need a device for a guide. After seeking reasons why you should go for food scales for weight loss, let’s now check how to use a food scale effectively.

How to Use a Food Scale?

Using a food scale is as easy as counting one to three! Follow these steps correctly to begin measuring your food consumption.

how to use a food scale

Which Scale Suits You Best?

You have quite an option when it comes to food scales. You can purchase digital or analog models that will provide exact measurements with little guesswork, but if you’re looking for something much cheaper, there are spring and weight-based scales as well.

When choosing a scale, make sure it has numbers that are easy to read and can hold a bowl or cup easily. Some of the things to consider is first, if it’s within your budget; second, if it’s easy to clean and store; and last, if it has a holder that’s big enough to weigh your food.

Once you’ve bought your scale, you can now begin to use it by following these steps we got for you!

Check the Instructions for How to Use a Food Scale

There are a lot of scales out there, but most come with instructions. Whether you have an old-fashioned scale or one that has modern features like measuring calories and telling your weight in pounds vs. kilograms, reading the manual will help you understand how to use it.

Once you’ve read the instruction and learned some particulars, you’re good to go.

Start Your Food Scale

Set your scale to zero before you start anything. You may think of this as an unnecessary reminder or step, but it’s possible sometimes to forget to set scales on default.

For some scales, this means turning the device on and waiting for it to read 0; others might require a little knob twisting.

Weigh the Container First and Foremost

The weight of your food container to store your food will affect how much it weighs. You should measure your bowl first before considering your food. The food scale won’t be a great help if you measure incorrectly.

If you’re going to buy a scale that comes with a container, it might be worth your while to find out if the food scales come equipped with an automatic button. Some of the food scale models can account for weight in containers automatically.

Weigh Your Food After

After settling down everything, you can now place your food on the scale. If you are especially using a spring scale, give it a few minutes to settle before reading the weight.

Let your food scale sit down before you start weighing so that it can settle down.

Do the Math with This Chart

how to use a food scale


Calculate the weight of your container. You need to subtract that number from what is displayed on the scale to get an accurate measurement. Calculating your food intake helps you determine the calories of your food, which is very significant.

Follow the instruction and do the rest. That’s it!


Food scales are great companions when you want to change your eating patterns. Going for this technique for your weight loss journey has its special advantages. As we said previously, scaling your food helps you determine the right portion of your daily consumption.

It also helps you learn whether you might be overestimating your food. But of course, the food scale wouldn’t have its powerful effect if you don’t commit enough. You need to make many sacrifices and commitments if you wish to live a healthier lifestyle.

These are the easy steps how to use a food scale. We wish you the best on this life-changing journey, and we hope that you found this article helpful.

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