Woo-hoo! Collage day!!
I’m excited to share this with you– it was so empowering for me when I realized I could still have my precious collages even without picnik!
First things first.
You have to start with a white background.
So that’s the first part of the tutorial today. 
And, really, it’s the base for pretty much every other tutorial I’m going to post, so pay attention!
How to Create a White Background in Picmonkey:
1. Open Picmonkey.com. Click on Edit your photo.
2. Upload any standard sized photo (meaning, not one that you’ve already cropped or resized since uploading to your computer)
3. Click on Overlays. Select the rectangle shape. Make it white.
4. Enlarge the rectangle so that it covers the entire picture. Click on Merge Layers.
Voila! You’re done! 
Save it to your desktop and name it something like “blank white.”
Then, the next time you have a collage or project to do, simply choose this photo to edit!
As long as you rename the collage/design when you save it, you won’t lose your blank white image that is saved to your desktop!

How to Make a Collage in Picmonkey:
1. Upload your white image to edit.

2. Go to overlays. Click “Your Own.” Select the image you want to use from your desktop.

3. Size the image…

4. Continue with this until you’ve added all the images you want to use.
6. When you’re happy with the collage layout, crop it:
7. Save it to your computer!


  •  When you insert the image into your blog post, don’t size it to any larger than Original Size (which should be plenty large enough unless the width of your post space is much larger than 700px).
  • Don’t forget you can add texts and stickers too!
  • You can also play around with the “kookiness” of the picture– they can be at an angle, or overlapping each other. You aren’t limited to a grid!

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