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Golden Oreo Rainbow Bark

Golden Oreo Rainbow Bark is super cute for St. Patrick's Day goodies!

I’m obsessed with Rainbow + Golden Oreos when it comes to St. Patrick’s day.

Of course, you have to understand that “obsessed” –when it comes to St. Patrick’s day– is pretty mild in my book. This is about as excited as I get for this holiday (besides wearing green and gold nail polish, which I also love). I tend to skip straight from Valentine’s to Easter when it comes to recipes, but I do still like to squeeze in at least one Golden Oreo post for St. Patrick’s when an idea comes to me!

(Like this Rainbow & Golden Oreos Poke Cake, one of my all time favorites.)

Because… really, how cute are Golden Oreos for this holiday? RIDICULOUS cute is the answer you’re looking for. Like… Pot O’ Gold.

Golden Oreos. It’s cute right?

Just say yes.

Golden Oreo Rainbow Bark is super cute for St. Patrick's Day goodies!

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not great at photographing bark. I definitely didn’t capture the full range of all the vivid colors in this really cool bark, so you’ll just have to trust me– it’s bright and FUN. And the Oreos just add so much in the flavor and texture department, aside from the inherent awesomeness that the word “gold” is in their name. Making it adorably perfect for St. Patrick’s day. Because… well, you know.


Before ending this post, I have to point you in the direction of my inspiration to this bark. My friend Christi (the one who wrote Smart Cookie) over at Love from the Oven made THE MOST incredible swirled chocolate bark I have ever seen for a birthday cake topping (the birthday cake itself is stunning too)! She has put together a fabulous step-by-step photo guide which I used to make this rainbow bark. So be sure to swing by her post for the full set of how-to on making this bark, and check out her truly amazing birthday cake-making skills. It’s seriously jaw-dropping.

Golden Oreo Rainbow Bark

This bark is so bright and FUN. The Oreos just add so much in the flavor and texture department, aside from the inherent awesomeness that the word "gold" is in their name. Making it adorably perfect for St. Patrick's day. Because... well, you know.


1/4 cup red Wilton melting candy

1/4 cup orange Wilton melting candy

1/4 cup yellow Wilton melting candy

1/4 cup green Wilton melting candy

1/4 cup blue Wilton melting candy

1/4 cup purple Wilton melting candy

White sprinkles and pearl candies (like Sixlets)

12 Golden Oreos


Place each color of melting candies in a separate piping (or gallon-sized ziptop bag).

Prep a large non-stick counter space work surface using a silicone mat, parchment paper, or wax paper. Ideally, place the non-stick liner over a baking sheet. I like having the baking sheet underneath so that you can lift it to tap on the counter (releasing air bubbles and smoothing out the candy) and also for transferring to the fridge for quick-set cooling.

Crush the Oreos (large chunks are good), and set aside to have ready to sprinkle over the melted candy. Also have your sprinkles and candies handy.

Start melting the candy: place one bag at a time in the microwave for one minute. Remove and "smush" the candy in the bag until melted and smooth. You may need to heat for an additional 30 seconds to melt completely.

TIP: when you remove one bag from the microwave, add the next one so it is ready to go when you need the next color.

Snip the corner of the bag off and pipe large dollops of the melted candy randomly on the non-stick surface (remember to check out Christi's guide if you need a visual).

Repeat with the remaining colored candy.

Lightly tap the baking sheet on the counter to spread the dollops of melted candy and smooth things out a bit. Use a knife to swirl the candy until you like the appearance.

Sprinkle on the crumbled Oreos, sprinkles, and candies.

Allow candy to cool completely until hardened, before breaking into pieces for serving or packaging.

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  1. Ashton – I love this bark. It is beautiful! I made chocolate bark for Christmas gifts, but I’m going to have to try to make this rainbow version. :)

  2. This bark is STUNNING! I absolutely love it! So much fun, it makes me want to throw a rainbow party or St. Patrick’s Day party or any party where it can be the star of the show! Thank you for your sweet words, these barks are so fun to make, I love the beauty of something it is whimsical! :)

  3. This is beautiful!! This would be so fun to make with kids!!

  4. This bark is so, so pretty! I love making bark for the holidays. I must try this rainbow version!

  5. This bark is just so gorgeous!!  Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day!!

  6. I think this is perfect! So pretty. You know how much I love rainbows too. And Golden Oreos!!!!

  7. Love all the colors! It definitely speaks to me;)

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