I thought yesterday was a wonderful Mother's Day, and I hope all of you were able to connect with your loved ones and celebrate Moms everywhere!

Earlier this month, Fair Trade sent me a box of really lovely Fair Trade products to sample as a part of their “Moms Make a World of Difference” campaign. It was packed to the brim with organic goodies produced in an eco-friendly way.

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So what is Fair Trade USA and what does it have to do with Moms? Fair Trade USA is a non-profit organization seeks to empower family farmers and workers (MOMS included!) around the world using a market based approach that helps farmers get a fair price for their harvest, facilitating safe working conditions and wages for workers.

They encourage farmers to transition to organic agriculture as it benefits both the farmer and, of course, the consumer.

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“Moms are the backbone of farming families, and with Fair Trade these women are empowered to emerge as leaders within their communities. They now serve as board members of cooperatives, lead workers’ committees and are making strides to improve education opportunities for their children. When you buy Fair Trade you’re helping ensure that moms get safe working conditions, protection from hazardous chemicals, and paid maternity leave.” —

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Celebrate moms, women, and small businesses by buying Fair Trade!

And if you're wondering… my very favorite treat in the box was this amazing Alter Eco Dark Quinoa Chocolate Bar. LIFE. CHANGING!

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