I’m really excited to be partnering with eBay (as of this week) as one of their newest Influencers!!

Honestly, I didn’t even know that eBay worked with bloggers in this capacity, and it’s been a lot of fun discovering this new side to one of my favorite shopping sites. Basically, my job is to add content to eBay.com that I think you guys will like. And since we like dessert so much over here, most of my posts will probably center around that.

Like the two of these that I posted over there this week (just click on the photo to see all the recipes):

Quick and easy desserts that can be made at the last minute with ingredients you probably already have on hand! These are my very favorite, tried and true, last minute go-to recipes! Anytime I’m entertaining spur-of-the-moment or need something QUICK to take to a potluck, these are the recipes I turn to the most often.


Quick and Easy Easter Dessert Recipes All of these recipes are perfect for Easter time– light and sweet, creamy and crunchy, and cute of course! I’m so excited for this time of year to be approaching again so that these can start appearing in my kitchen :)

I’m also putting together pieces for eBay that go beyond recipes– shopping collections! How fun is that? So far I’ve done this one that I centered around my book, Party Popcorn

Everything you need to make gourmet popcorn at home!

And then this one (that I’m obsessing over!!) with all of my favorite, must-have cookbooks:

Every home cook needs these in their collection!

I’m really excited to be spending a little more time over at eBay in the upcoming months, and I hope you’ll visit me over there too! I’ll be sure to always post links and photos right here to the articles I’ve written over there so that you can easily find my stuff, so just stay tuned for more :)

And if you’re an eBay junkie like me, you could always follow me over there too! Just click here.