Fun [yet embarrassing] Fact about Ashton #gazillion: I kind of love those quizzes in magazines that tell you all about yourself. I've even taken a quiz that determined my favorite color. Who knew that my *sunny* disposition indicated that my favorite color was yellow? I'm really glad I took that quiz, because up until then, I was certain my favorite color was green. Whew. Dodged a life of green-filled misery there! (Actually, I really am in love with yellow and gray. I'm pretty fickle, and my favorite color seems to change with the popular trends )

Ok, ok. Most of those quizzes are pretty silly. Fun, but, you know… not super realistic or useful, right? But what if there was a quiz that wasn't silly? And it really helped you to discover something new about yourself. Not just that– but it was part of a site that helped you use that self discovery to connect with your friends who have similar interests, find content on the web tailored to the things YOU care about, and helped you channel a new found self-awareness into other parts of your life (like your blog, your career, your purchases, your hobbies, etc…). Tell me that's not something you'd want to check out! has developed just such a quiz and online community. And they've challenged me to use their site to really discover who I am as a means to better understand my interests, express myself, and connect with those around me who share my unique qualities. I'll be telling you all about this journey to self discovery in two posts…

Today's post is all about who I “think” I am, as in: how I've labeled myself and allowed myself to be labeled by others. So without further ado, let's talk all about ME for a minute… (like you don't get that enough over here, right? )

For the most part, I'm a rule follower. I wouldn't say this is a characteristic of mine that's been etched in stone, but just speaking generally here… I appreciate speed limits below 70. I like really specific guidelines for writing sponsored posts. And I never, ever try to negotiate the price of something.

When I DO break a rule, I don't challenge the consequence. For example, I REALLY don't believe in giving students a minimum page number for research papers/essays (I mean, really? You're just begging for run-on sentences and irrelevant content. But I'll save that rant for later). I pretty consistently disregarded the page expectations set by my teachers in high school and college. However, I didn't bat an eye when points were deducted (side note: I didn't lose points as often as you might think). Because that was the rule: you don't meet the page requirement = you lose points. Simple, easy. Rules are rules, and I'm on board with that.

Another label I've given myself (er… and one that has definitely been mentioned by others): emotional. Super, duper, crazy emotional. I try to reign it in when I can, but hey! I feel what I feel, and it's usually at the extreme end of the spectrum. I consider myself fairly versed in sincere apologies.

Lastly, I've labeled myself as a little manic. I get obsessive. If I like a meal, I want to eat it 3 times a day. If I like a person, they become my new very-best-friend-of-all-time-ever. I only use one instagram filter, because I like all my posts to looks the same. An exercise routine only works for me if I can do it at the exact same time, in the same way every day. And don't even get me started on my favorite t-shirt (it's like stealing a baby's favorite gross blanket so you can sneak it in the wash). When I like something, I like it A LOT.

So that's me. Or… at least, who I *think* me is.

ArchetypeMe is a new website dedicated to curated self-expression and personal discovery through the language/filter of archetypes. I'm going to take their quiz to better understand some of my own personality traits, which will hopefully help me improve my writing and my ability to connect with others online (sort of an important job qualification when you're a blogger)!

What about you? Do you ever ask yourself, “Why do I like that?” or “Why does she act like that?” or “I can't believe I get along with this person so well, I wonder why?” Knowing your archetype and the archetypes of others brings a lot of clarity to how you view yourself and your interactions with others. Discover your archetype and how to use it now by taking a short quiz at

I'll be using ArchetypeMe to learn a little more about myself in the coming weeks, and I'll unveil my archetype in my next post!

And now for the giveaway: one lucky reader will get a $50 Visa gift card and a copy of Archetypes: Who Are you? Book, signed by author! To be entered for a chance to win, answer this question: Why do you think it’s important to really know who you are?

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