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Design Sponsorship

Do you design blogs? Clip art? Fonts? Other graphics? I am currently accepting sponsorships specifically from designers!

I’m heading to SLC in February to speak at the Six Sisters Stuff Build Your Blog Conference about DIY Blog Design! As a self taught blog designer, I don’t do much by way of actually creating graphics. As you know, there’s a lot that goes in to a great blog design. But I’ve found that using graphics designed by someone else (like you!) is a lot more budget and user friendly than it would be for me to purchase fancy software and then find the time to learn how to use it!

This is where you come in. Would you like to send your shop to BYBC with me?

In return for your sponsorship, I will:

  • Include a link to your shop in my e-handout for the breakout session I’ll be speaking in. My entire blog design “angle” is all about utilizing clip art designers– so this will be a big pitch for anyone specifically listed in my hand out.
  • Include your shop name on the back of my business cards
  • Give your business cards/fliers/shop credit vouchers to Camille at Six Sisters Stuff to include in their swag bags that attendees will receive
  • Link to your shop in a blog design post on the BYBC blog
  • Tout your shop on my social media pages (Facebook | 5,186 followers, Twitter | 2,210 followers, and Pinterest | 7,851 followers) once per month until February 2013

Please contact me at somethingswanky@gmail.com if you have an interest in this sponsorship opportunity!