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Becca | Crumbs and Chaos

I ENJOY food, there’s no doubt about it and, as the mother of 4 children, I’m constantly feeding someone. Planning ahead has become extremely important when my objective is to nourish everyone at my table within my budget and attempting to use REAL food more often than not.

I find myself continually searching the web for the ‘how-to’ make certain things, which leads me to new recipes and, next thing you know, I’m raving about the best pasta or brownies I’ve ever had! And when I really like something, I want those I know and love to be able to experience the best food too.

The crowd that I feed daily – my husband of nearly 10 years and our 4 wonderful children – Hosanna, Judah, Zoe and Shiloh. Thankfully, they cut me some slack if the laundry isn’t put away or there’s toys and books scattered from here until kingdom come – just as long as I’m filling their water bottles and passing out crackers.



My husband

My children

My family

My friends

Feeding all those listed above (except for Jesus):)

Spending time in the kitchen

Harvest Time

Getting REALLY Good Deals


And (in no particular order)

FRESH Garlic


German Chocolate Cake

All Things Pumpkin



Anything that’s for breakfast


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