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Why advertise on Something Swanky?

Because everybody loves dessert.

And it’s been scientifically proven that people have more positive feelings about logos that are placed near or around dessert photographs, often leading to uncontrollable clicking.

Okay, okay. So I made that up. But you get the picture– people love desserts, so they visit Something Swanky! This site receives an average of well over 1 million pageviews each month, and traffic isn’t slowing down (more site and social media stats can be found here). If you’d like to advertise your brand, company, or product alongside my recipes, simply click below to purchase an ad space.

Advertising on Something Swanky is made easier by using Passionfruit, which will speedily process your payment and submit your ad to me for approval. It will also automatically rotate all ads throughout the month so that everyone gets time at the top!


If you would like to sponsor post content on Something Swanky, please send inquiries directly to Ashton at somethingswanky@gmail.com. Note that all sponsored content on Something Swanky is compensated. Ashton is represented by Sway Group, LLC.