This is a very nearly true story…

Once upon a time, there was this crazy-awesome dessert blogger. And she LOVED everything about her stay at home job. 

Well, almost everything.

As every dessert blogger knows, the creative process can be (and usually is) as messy as it is thrilling. Powdered sugar coated every surface of her small kitchen. Chocolate chips, M&Ms, and chopped pecans filled that awkward space in between the oven and the counter– a virtually impossible spot to clean (right?!). And the constant splatter of milk, vanilla, broken eggs, melted butter, and sweetened condensed milk created a danger zone that no electronic device could safely enter.

One day, she was pouring milk into her favorite photo prop– a retro glass milk bottle (so cute!). As she was pouring the milk, she glanced at the clock to quickly calculate how many minutes of good natural lighting she had left to finish her shoot. When she returned her attention to the milk bottle, she found herself pouring milk directly onto her iPad (which she had been using to search for food styling inspiration…).

Oh yes she did.

She acted quickly with the towels, said a tearful prayer, and happily found the iPad was unharmed.

But, much to her chagrin, the iPad would be banned from the kitchen (and from all food photo sets) by her husband, who (while supportive) disapproved of her frequent combinations of electronics and sticky substances.

What would she do? Her iPad was an integral part of her blogging process– from start to finish. And that involved a lot of sticky stuff! How could she follow a recipe with no iPad to display her Pinterest boards or Ziplist Recipe Box? And, of course, she needed it to tweet about how each recipe was coming along, that was absolutely necessary! And she *really* needed it to watch her favorite movies while doing the dishes after a particularly “involved” baking day…

The banishment of the iPad from the kitchen discouraged her. A knock at the door distracted her from her iPad-less woes.

As he often did, the UPS stood there with a package she knew would be filled with something blog-related. Cupcake liners? Paper straws? New ingredients? All things that she could put to use so much better if her Pinterest boards could only be allowed back in the kitchen with her.

She sighed as she opened the package. And then a very wide smile spread across her face.

In the package was a shiny new KICMount Magnetic iPad case that would solve all of her problems!


She tested it immediately. Yep! It worked perfectly!

The iPad stayed securely on the refrigerator, completely out of harm’s way! It didn’t even budge when she opened and closed the refrigerator door– no sliding at all!

That day, she decided to make hot fudge sauce, and she spilled the evaporated milk. And her husband didn’t mind one bit– because the iPad didn’t feel a drop of the stuff from its magnetic perch on the side of the refrigerator. She stuck it on the side of the microwave and turned on Netflix so her daughter could watch Dinosaur Train easily from the kitchen table while the evaporated milk mess was mopped up.

And so the lived (the rest of that day) happily ever after with a very well used (and dry) iPad.

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