50 Dessert Mousse Recipes

Get more than 50 of the BEST Dessert Mousse Recipes right here, including Nutella Mousse Cake, White Chocolate Snickerdoodle Mousse, Healthy Chocolate Mousse, and more!

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More Than 50 Dessert Mousse Recipes

Mousse Recipes

Questions & Answer

What is the difference between pudding and mousse?

Mousse is fluffier than pudding. Pudding is cooked to achieve desired thickness. But traditional mousse gets its volume from whipping cream and/or egg whites before folding it into chocolate.

All of the mousse on my site is made with an instant pudding base mixed with whipped cream. It's so quick and easy and versatile. And I've always felt like– if it's not broken, why fix it?! Maybe one day I'll post a traditional, from-scratch mousse recipe. But until then, I'm happy with the simple recipe I've been using for well over 15 years!

How do you serve mousse?

I love serving mousse parfait-style, with layers of fillings like cookie crumbs and hot fudge. You can use anything from a mason jar to a champagne flute to serve mousse when you're serving guests.

Here are some serving glasses that would be perfect for mousse:

Why is my mousse runny?

Sometimes, it's simply a matter of letting the mousse set in the refrigerator for the proper amount of time. It gets firmer the longer you let it chill.

Another easy fix is to add more whipped cream to help stiffen up the mixture.