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The last time I posted about the Post-it Products Evernote Collection, I gave you an overview of how to use it for organizing your food storage. Did you get a chance to read it? Check it out here if you missed it!

Today I want to show you FIVE ways I love to use this system to organize my food storage. Keep in mind– this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is SO MUCH you can do with Post-it Products and Evernote. It's seriously incredible.

1. Color Coding


In organizing my pantry stock and food storage (especially while grocery shopping and meal planning), it's helpful for me to quickly be able to sort what I have into categories. I've created 4 simple categorizations for the food that I buy:

  1. Food that we use on a day-to-day basis (so I'll need to stock up more often) like peanut butter and flour
  2. Food that needs to be used/rotated in 6 months or less
  3. Food that needs to be used/rotated in 12 months or less
  4. Food that I stock up on specifically for work (blog) use here on Something Swanky

2. Track How Much we've Used

I think there are lots of ways to keep track of the food you've bought for your food storage. I mean… you could just make a note in your phone. That's easy enough.

But being able to track how much you've used is a feature unique to the Post-it Products Evernote Collection. Frequently, I go to the store thinking I have MORE than enough brown sugar (because I just bought 10 bags a month ago… or was it 3 months ago? 4 months ago?), not buy any more, and then return home to find that I have none. Sound familiar?

In Evernote, you can add little check mark boxes underneath each Post-it Note image, and simply check off a box each time you use up one of your food storage or pantry items:



3. Search for Specific Food Items



Does anybody else think that it is so cool that I can actually search through handwritten notes for specific words?!

Search by ingredients (do I have enough flour at home?) or search by expiration dates (which food items need to be used this month?).  I think the search function is possibly the most useful tool in this system for day-to-day use. This simplifies grocery list making and meal planning so much by totally taking away the guess-work in knowing what food items you already have on hand (and what you don't!).

4. Set Reminders

Setting reminders is especially useful for any sort of long-term food storage (think emergency preparedness). Food doesn't last forever, and hopefully we aren't ever in an emergency situation that will require us to need our food storage. Which means that food needs to be rotated into our daily use (and replaced as it's used up), otherwise it will go bad.

You can set reminders in Evernote to alert you when an expiration date is approaching. How useful!


5. Create Notebooks

There are so many ways to organize your notebooks in Evernote! You can create notebooks for your long-term food storage, for your pantry, for your baking supplies, for your canned goods… You could create notebooks according to purchase date or by expiration months or years. The sky is the limit!


How would YOU use the Post-it Products Evernote Collection to organize your food?

Learn more about the Post-it Brand Evernote Collection by visiting your local office supply store or by visiting , Post-it Brand on Twitter (@postitproducts ) or Facebook ( ).