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Some of you may have caught the announcement on Facebook or noticed their nifty new ad in my sidebar, but for those of you who haven't: Something Swanky has officially partnered up with to bring you lots of new DIY Blog Design tips this year (both on the blog and at the Build Your Blog Conference in SLC next month)!

I wrote a post about Picmonkey when they first made their appearance back in the summer. It was called 5 Really Cool Things You Can Do with Picmonkey (that you couldn't do with Picnik). In a nutshell, this is what I loved about Picmonkey from the very start:

  1. The ability to merge images into one layer
  2. I can see the edges of my white images since Picmonkey has a dark background
  3. The “instagram” frames
  4. The coolest overlays ever
  5. LABELS overlays! Love!

I still love all those features and use them regularly. But Picmonkey has come so far (collages yo!) since I wrote that post and have introduced so many new design elements to their site that I thought another post gushing over Picmonkey would be appropriate.

Especially since we're all cozy and BFFs now 😉 .

So here's my new “top 5” list of things I'm crushing on over at these days…



Picmonkey has seriously upped their fonts game since they were good ol' Picnik. And thank goodness! Nothing brings a little class to a blog design quite like a good font. These are some of my faves:



craft scissors


I just think this is so cool…

craft scissors map


You can either cut crafty edges on your photo like this:

Picture 13


Or you can add a crafty border, like this…

Picture 14


Obviously I couldn't make a Top 5 list without mentioning Collages! They were the hot topic when Picmonkey first launched without them and all of us bloggers had a collective melt down! Remember that? It all worked out though, and really even better than we expected! Picmonkey delivered some really fabulous collage options:

Picture 15

Picture 16

They provide lots of great layouts for collages. But my favorite features are the social media-ready collages! As you can see above, there are 4 different layouts to create a perfectly sized Facebook Cover. And just below it are the Pinterest layout options to help you create a collage sized perfectly for optimal visibility on Pinterest.

ribbons banners and labels

I have been desperate for these types of overlays to be more easily available. I've been using clip art sillhouttes of ribbons and banners for ages, but the options on Picmonkey are so. much. better. And quite a few of these are BRAND new– like, as of today! So if you haven't had a chance to check out the new overlays, here's a quick peek:

Picture 17banners

These are fabulous for blog headers! And you can see how I've used one of the ribbons on my background:

background ribbon 2

seasonal themes

I'm am completely obsessed with Picmonkey's seasonal Themes. They are AWESOME. For each new season, they create a new batch of overlays, fonts, and frames. And you get to keep them all year! Here's where you can find them on Picmonkey and a few of my favorite elements (for blog design use) from each:

Picture 19

DSC_4098-edited picmonkey

In summary, if you haven't taken the opportunity to check out Picmonkey, go do it right now! There are a LOT of features you can use for free, and an upgrade to a Royale Membership is SUPER affordable! If you're looking to use Picmonkey for a little blog designing, paying for one month at $4.99 may be just right for you! But, if you're like me and use Picmonkey all the time, the new yearly subscription is available for $33.00/year (that's just $2.75/month)!

And if you're looking for DIY Blog Design tutorials, check out my DIY Design tab in the navigation menu up top!

Disclosure: I am receiving various forms of compensation as a result of my partnership with, including free Royale services. However, these opinions are 100% my own. Don't believe me? Check out some of my previous DIY design posts. I've been recommending these guys and their paid services for a loooooooong time, even before we established  a partnership.