I've been really, really freaked about Picnik closing.
I just didn't think Picmonkey was going to have what it takes.
Turns out I was wrong.
It's so awesome. And getting better every day.
So I'm done grieving.
And ready to max out everything Picmonkey offers!
I've recently discontinued my design services, which was sad.
But I'm ready to start posting those DIY design tips and tricks I've been promising you!
Picmonkey.com seems like a great place to start.
I've used Picnik (and nothing else) to do all of my designing. 
I really believe that you don't need to buy or learn how to use fancy (and expensive) editing software to create a beautiful and custom blog design!! Not necessary!
So first things first: get to know and LOVE picmonkey.com!
These are 5 really awesome new features that Picmonkey.com is offering. Check it out!
1. MERGING IMAGES: I was dying for some merging action in Pinick was ecstatic to discover it in Picmonkey! Merging images is awesome when you're working with lots of layers (like when you're designing a blog header). It allows you to work on one layer and merge all the images together, and then continue to add more layers and images without accidentally moving around (and messing up) the images in the back.
For example: text. Text can be really difficult to grab and move around when you've got it on top of another image. Because the text is small, you usually end up grabbing (and moving) the image behind it– frustrating. I used to click a million times over a letter, trying to pick it up with no success. Problem solved: I merge the back layers together, which only leaves the text to grab!
Caution: make sure all the layers you're merging are exactly where you want them to be! You can't move them around anymore after they're merged!

2. I CAN SEE THE EDGES OF MY WHITE IMAGE: This was also super exciting to me. It seems like a small thing, but it makes a huge difference! I'll show you…

When you're using an online editing program for blog design, you'll want to use a white image as your “blank canvas.” The Picnik screen made it impossible to see the parameters I was working with! As you can see, Picmonkey's view is a trillion times easier on the eyes!

Using Picnik:


Using Picmonkey:

3. FILM EDGE FRAME: This is my very favorite effect on instagram, so I was really excited to see it on Picmonkey too!

4. SERIOUSLY COOL STICKERS: I'm not sure if their stickers are still a work in progress– they may be, because it seems like I'm always see new additions! And I'll bet they're still going to add lots of seasonal stickers. But I love what they have so far. I think Picmonkey's stickers are way more useful than a lot of the ones they had in Picnik.

Here's a recent example I saw and really liked of how to use some of their cool “scrapbooky” stickers in your day-to-day photo editing for your blog: Cookies and Cups.

5. LABELS: Technically, these fall under the “seriously cool stickers” category. But I thought these labels were cool enough they deserved their own mention! I love, love, love the scalloped circles and squares! And the square makes it so much easier to make a scalloped line for dividers in blog design (which is one of my favorite details… obviously :)!

I hope this post has made you a little more excited to use Picmonkey and a little less sad to lose Picnik. And just to seal the deal, I'm doing a post later this week about creating collages in Picmonkey without using an actual “collages” function (which Picmonkey will be releasing later)
… like this one:


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