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Too many Monster Cookies, oh my! Undo the overdo with di∙gel…

Too many Monster Cookies, oh my! Undo the overdo with di∙gel!

Every holiday memory I have is a hazy blur of gifts, excitement over Santa, family togetherness, and a very crisp recall of all the desserts lining my grandmother’s kitchen counter. With total surety, I can tell you exactly what she’ll have sitting up there come Christmas, from left to right: six layer Italian cream cake, Monster Cookies, peanut butter Cookies, Rice Krispie treats, German chocolate cake, more monster cookies, and chocolate fudge. Just a little further to the right will be canisters filled with orange slices (the candy, not the healthy stuff), M&Ms, trail mix, and Oreo Cookies. And don’t even get me started on the freezer…

{clockwise} Monster Cookies, Monster Cookie Magic Bars, Monster Cookie Dough Cupcakes, Monster Cookie Dough Dip, Nutella Monster Cookies, Monster Cookie Dough Mousse Pie, Monster Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Monster Cookies are a family favorite, always a crowd pleaser and the main event of the desserts. And my grandma doesn’t scale the recipe down not one bit– she makes the entire thing! All bazillion-million-gillion cookies. And then she takes two or three of those really big cake carriers, you know, the tupperware kind with the dome-like cover that snaps into the base? She takes those cake carriers, turns them upside down, and then fills them to the brim with cookies. She has to use those carriers because none of her other tupperware is large enough to fit all those cookies! We all love it. Those containers are so huge that they never run out of cookies. Ever. We just keep reaching in and magically grab a cookie every single time. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen them run out at Grandma’s house. I suspect she’s up in the middle of the night, secretly baking to replenish the stockpile that we so rapidly deplete during the day.

Here’s the thing about Monster Cookies…. it’s a lot of oatmeal. And a lot of peanut butter. And if you use the crunchy kind like we do, it’s a lot of peanuts. Fortunately, I spend most of the year conditioning my stomach for such an overindulgence. I call it on-the-job training. Just another perk of being a dessert blogger But do you have any idea what happens to an unprepared tummy when it’s attacked with pounds and pounds of oatmeal, peanut butter, and peanuts?? I do. Ahem. And it’s not pretty. Oh, no. No it’s not. This year, for your monster-cookie-induced upset tummy, consider using di∙gel as your “overdid it” eraser. di∙gel is an all-in-one solution for consumers in need of digestive relief since the new product offer the unique dual benefit of having both an anti-gas and antacid use. di∙gel is available as:

  • Regular Strength Liquid (Freshmint) ñ Anti-gas/antacid
  • Maximum Strength Liquid (Cherry) ñ Anti-gas/antacid
  • Multi-Symptom Chewable Tablets (Freshmint) ñAnti-gas/antacid
  • Extra Strength Antacid Chewable Tablets (Mixed Berry) ñ Antacid
  • Extra Strength ìOn-the-goî Antacid Chewable Tablets (Mixed Berry) ñAntacid

di∙gel is available at major drug and grocery retailers nationwide, for more information, visit www.godigel.com. I’ve shown you some of my favorites, but di∙gel wants to know what YOUR favorite holiday overindulgence is! Post a link to your favorite holiday treat on Facebook or Twitter and use the hashtag #undowithdigel.

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