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Sweet Treats Thursday

Welcome to Sweet Treats Thursday! Glad you made it :)
I’m gonna make this short and sweet, hope that’s ok.
I’ve got a blog design to install, a kitchen to clean, a few other odds and ends for church, and only an hour to do it all before the start of the Duke-Carolina game!!
Oh– and I need to feature about a BILLION amazing desserts from last week!
I cannot believe how much good stuff got linked up last week.
I NEVER have problems picking my features.
Not that there’s not always a lot of great stuff– it’s just I’m pretty decisive.
And usually I can look at a link party and say “That, that, and that. Those are my features.”
But not this week. In fact, I’m actually going to cheat a little and give a text-link shout out to a few mention-worthy treats that aren’t getting a full feature– like this Chocolate Hazelnut Torte, these Strawberry Cream Puff Kabobs, the Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Cupcakes, and these Chocolate Raspberry Cookie Bars.
Amazing stuff, ladies. Nice work!
Last week’s click pick:
Crazy For Crust’s Peanut Butter Football Dip
My pick features:
The Sasse Life’s Zebra Cupcakes:
Thin Mint Brownies by The Rickett Chronicles:
Sugar Bea’s Jar of Hearts:
I’m excited to see what you bring this week!
2. Share the love, please! If you see something you like, Pin and Stumble!
3. Come back and see me tomorrow :)

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Ashton Swank

Ashton is the owner and author of Something Swanky. Although first and foremost a wife and mother, she considers herself an online entrepreneur, freelance writer and photographer, and brand ambassador. Her focus is in food styling, food photography and recipe development.

21 comments on “Sweet Treats Thursday”

  1. Thanks for hosting. Lots of great features!

  2. Hey famous lady! Thanks for hosting :)

  3. My husband is keeping a close eye on me right now as he really wants the laptop to be able to watch the Duke-Carolina game too! I might be nice and give it to him! :)


    • It’s so funny that you said that. I was going through the same thing trying to get the party up and design stuff done. My husband was practically tapping his toe, standing beside me. lol.

  4. Here to link up – I think you should go for writing that mousse book. If it looked like your blog it’d be killer! Go do it!

  5. I’m so excited to be the most clicked. Makes me smile. :) I hope you got everything done in time – good games wait for no one! Have a great night and enjoy your day off tomorrow. :)

  6. Thanks for hosting this party…I really just love your blog!

  7. hi Ashron :)
    I’m sharing this week my “Dried-Fruits & Nuts Squares” and my “Neapolitan 5-layer Birthday Cake”
    Thanks for hosting this wonderful pary and wish you a great weekend

  8. eeeeeeeeegads there is a TON of yumminess going on around here! Thanks for hosting.

  9. Well, you are totally awesome…so I can see why she asked you to take over her blog:-) Thank you for hosting the sweets every week!!

  10. Thanks for hosting!

  11. Today I’m linking up my 2-ingredient Pumpkin Cake.

    Drop by Fusion Fridays at jennifercooks.com each Friday and link up your goodies! {Open thru Wednesday}

    Thanks so much for hosting!

  12. I have shared Crisp Coconut and Chocolate Pie. Thank you for hosting!

  13. First time linking up, thanks for hosting great sweets!

  14. Gracias for the shout-out! Those Thin-Mint Brownies… oh boy.

  15. Starving and of all the places to go……….everything looks wonderful. I wonder how many pounds of butter and flour in all those posts! I am sharing Lemon Love cake…..yummy thanks for the party andi

  16. These sweets are all making me crave sugar, they all look so good. Thanks for hosting the party. I was wondering though, do you have a button to link to my blog? I didn’t see one and I use the buttons to remember the parties each day that I want to go to, and I for sure don’t want to miss this one because it is awesome!


    • I’m working on it! Sorry– I have a blog design Etsy shop that’s keeping me pretty busy. And I keep telling myself “When I get a second, I’ll do a quick button for my blog…” and then that second never comes… :P One of these days (very soon!) I will get a button on here!! SOOOOO sorry, I totally understand needing one for remembering the parties! Just keep an eye out :)

  17. Thanks for hosting!

  18. Thank you for the feature :) :) :)

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