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25+ Snackable Muddy Buddy (Puppy Chow) Recipes

25+ Recipes for Muddy Buddies (aka Puppy Chow)

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Ooey Gooey Oreo Pie

Calling all Oreo lovers! This pie is just for you :)

If you’re an Oreo lover or a chocolate lover or a pie lover or anything in between– this pie is for you. It is intensely chocolate, packed with Oreos, and is the fudgiest thing you’ve ever laid your fork on. I like adding hot fudge sauce and a big scoop of vanilla ice cream,...

Multigrain Waffles

These multigrain waffles are as soft and fluffy as my favorite Belgian waffles-- but a lot more nutritious!

My family LOVED these waffles! They are just as soft and fluffy as my favorite Belgian Waffle recipe, but these are so much more nutritious made with whole wheat flour, wheat germ, and flax seed. (And I’ll bet you could easily replace the oil in this recipe with coconut oil to make it even...

15 Summer-tastic All-American Desserts

15 Summer-tastic All-American Dessert Recipes

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(yet another) Recipe for the World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookies :)

Ta-da! I’m finally delivering on that promise to get you guys this next recipe in The Chocolate Chip Cookie Experiment. This chocolate chip cookie recipe is all about the CHOCOLATE (as you can see). It calls for either 12 ounces of chopped chocolate or 2 cups of chocolate chips. I opted for the chopped chocolate,...

Homemade Chocolate Pudding

This homemade stovetop chocolate pudding is comfort food at its finest when served warm! Or chill it in small cups for DIY pudding cups!

Homemade chocolate pudding is unreal y’all. I really am obsessed in a dangerous way. The first time I tried homemade pudding was just a few months ago! I’ve always eaten the instant pudding, and I’ve almost always eaten cold. I’ve had Jell-O Cook-and-Serve, which is good…. but making it from scratch? It’s phenomenal. It’s...

100+ Raspberry Desserts

100+ Raspberry Dessert Recipes that you will fall in love with this summer!

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Funfetti Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Funfetti Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

I know I’ve been promising an awesome new chocolate chip cookie recipe for the past two weeks, but it just hasn’t happened yet!! This time of year is INSANE for us (well, for everyone, isn’t it?), and I just haven’t had a spare moment to try the recipe yet. But it looks amazing, and...