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50+ Spring Time Desserts

50+ Spring Time Desserts

Aunt Carol’s Crescent Rolls

My Aunt Carol's favorite crescent rolls are always the main event of every family get-together!

I know it’s been two weeks since I’ve posted a new recipe for the Chocolate Chip Cookie Experiment, and I’m so sorry. I know some of you are loving it just as much as I am– I’ve been thrilled with the overwhelming response that you guys obsess over chocolate chip cookies as much as...

Cream Puffs

Cream Puffs are so easy to make at home and are so much better fresh than anything you could buy at the store or in the frozen section!

Is there anybody in this world that isn’t completely obsessed with cream puffs? Maybe people who don’t like rainbows and unicorns and happiness. Maybe those people don’t like cream puffs. But otherwise, I think we are pretty universally all in love with these delectable little pastries and their creamy fillings and their chocolate-y tops....

Easter Krispie Treats with Peeps and M&Ms

Easter Krispie Treats with M&Ms and Peeps

Honestly… I’m cringing a little posting this recipe. And I know that my reasons are silly and vain, but they’re there all the same. These rice krispie treats are delicious and super cute (plus totally easy to throw together as all krispie treats are, bless their hearts) but…. *whiny voice* omg you guys….. these...

Bunny Chow

White chocolate coated kettle corn, chex, and M&M Easter eggs {aka Bunny Chow}!

I love everything about this super quick and simple Easter snack mix! It only takes a few ingredients and few minutes to throw together, and it’s super cute and completely addicting. My family hasn’t been able to keep their hands out of this stuff! You can, of course, change this up and make adjustments...

eBay Guides Week 2

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It’s been another fun week over on eBay! This week I focused on some of my all-time favorite, absolutely must-have essentials for in the kitchen and behind the camera (click on the links below the photos to see the full posts). Starting with the top 5 kitchen tools and gadgets that I think are...

100+ Recipes with Oreos

100+ recipes using Oreos!

Samoa Banana Bread.


A super moist and indulgent banana bread loaded with chocolate chunks, coconut, and caramel – inspired by a classic Girl Scout cookie- Samoas!  Hey there! I’m Emily and I blog over on Layers of Happiness where I share lots of delicious eats and treats with my mom. Last month we shared a super delicious Cinnamon Toast Pancake...